Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am here, in the now

It's been a while.....
I wish I could commit to making more of an effort to blog but in amongst the washing of nappies, the cooking of soul food, digging in the vegetable garden, walking the dogs, going to the markets, and the keeping of our nest -
time just seems to slip on by.

My beautiful boy Ba'il is growing so beautifully. He's discovered his body and how he can control movements. He's crawling everywhere, smiling at everything and absolutely loving his food. I am so complete when he smiles at me - the world just stops when his face lights up with love and life.

I guess I've just been completely absorbed in living in the 'now'.


jodi said...

Thanks for your comment and birthday wishes Tara. I think you should start referring to your birth as a cesarean birth not a c-section. You still delivered your son, you still gave birth. C-section sounds so medicalised. By using the phrase cesarean birth you are taking ownership of the delivery.

BTW - I'm loving Gentle Birth Method. It's incredibly inspiring x

FP said...

Amazing photography!!!