Saturday, March 6, 2010

The simple things....

How precious - the simple things in life are.

1) A trip to the local native nursery - my husband's heaven.
He spent his christmas voucher on beautiful native plants to attract butterflies and birds to our front garden.

2) A very pregnant spontaneous decision to travel a rather long bumpy road to visit family for a special birthday - we thought "what's the worst thing that could happen???..... I could go into labour". This road has so much meaning to the both of us... I used to travel it often to visit Caleb when we first started falling in love, now its the last time we drive it 'by ourselves'. Next time will be as a family.

3) A gorgeous family weekend spent indulging in fresh water swimming and beautiful native landscapes.

I hope everyone found the time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors sometime this weekend.

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