Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My beautiful little boy
1 week old today

Ba'il Lelio Zaicz

The name Ba'il (said bail) was given to us by the elders of Lockhart River and is the traditional name for the area we lived on up in
Cape York.

Lelio is my grandfather's name who recently passed away and who's last words to me were "don't worry, it's a boy".
Seems he knew what we were having all along while we waited patiently to find out.

My precious darling son.
My beautiful little family.
I am absolutely blessed.


Katy said...

Congratulations on welcoming such a beautiful soul to your family - I fly out to Thailand soon as an avid reader am very excited to see this announcment before I go x Congratulations again

Megan.K. said...

Oh Tara CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He looks just divine, you look gorgeous and you all look so happy together as a new family!

Welcome to the world little Ba'il.

Well done Mama!


Donna said...

Many blessings to you and your beautiful family! Baby boys are just precious ... enjoy this sacred time. xx

Sally said...

What a beautiful baby you have there... enjoy your journey together now that you are three.

Lucia said...

Congratulations all the way from the UK. Gorgeous pictures. I wish you all well. x

ashley said...

He is beautiful!
Congratulations on a healthy and happy arrival, x ashley

Julie said...

How wonderful. Welcome baby Ba'il!
Can't wait to see him. Lovely photo.

Debora Febrina Sari said...

so cute ur baby :)