Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Place and Yours ~ Kitchen Love

Oh, how I have missed playing along with My Place and Yours.
I've been so preoccupied with preparing to be a mama that minutes just seem to slip by.

This week's theme however motivated me to get back in the game.
How I love kitchens!

I love our unpractical wooden bench tops, the vintage cupboards that you need to slam to close, our little fish tank on our bench, the hooks to hang my pinny, teapots and teacups on, missing tiles on our splash back, the open display shelves that hold my little kitchen treasures such as my babushka dolls measuring cups, my two fat owls, and vintage japanese teapots. 
Most of all I love how our cottage kitchen opens up to overlook our dinning table that sits 3 stairs down and then has views out onto our little cottage deck. 
I love the tropical queenslander flow of it and the goodness that is produced from the vibrant little space.


Jackie said...

Very retro and nice.

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Oh I love it! How cute are your little owls and lovely dolls. Can't wait to come up and see it one day! Thinking of you! Much love
Soph xx

Lucia said...

Oh it sounds wonderful. I'm sure I would love it there too!