Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cycles of Life

This is me.... only a few months old laughing at my dear grandfather.

As I prepare for the arrival of our first child, I am also in the process of saying goodbye to my beautiful grandfather who's life journey is coming to an end.

The family is evolving. 
The eldest son who left his family behind in Italy and migrated to Australia in search of a better life after the war is going to leave us soon.
The eldest grandchild (me) is setting up life among our family and expecting the arrival of the family's first great grand child any week now.

I'm experiencing first hand the most profound wonders of life... 
the human body cycle of birth and death.

Needless to say my little blog may be a bit neglected in the next few days.

Luv and light xox


Katy said...

Good luck with everything - sending all positive & peaceful vibes your way xx

jodi said...

take the time to be still and quiet - you have already recognised the momentous changes...and the beauty they hold. blessings to you sweet girl, your grandfather will watch over you as you birth, and your baby as he/she grows. x

pendant lighting said...

Ahh the good old days and grandpa's

amy prior said...

Your post made me think and feel sad and happy. Best wishes