Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Lately time has been slipping through our fingers.
Each weekend seems to pass quicker than the last and we find ourselves yet again starting another week even more tired than the last.... how we are longing for the Christmas break and family celebrations. This weekend though we promised each other to take the time to find the perfect fresh pine tree to decorate as our first Christmas tree in our new little love nest.


I absolutely adore the smell of fresh pine in the house!
Our tree decorations are still packed in the depths of our garage, so this year we headed to our local fair trade shop and chose some beautiful hand made decorations for our tree.

Our most favorite decoration this year however belongs to our little womb child and was a gift from my parents, it reads 
'Baby Zaicz 2009'. 
It hangs in the middle of the tree and we are excitedly reminded that this time next year we will be delighting in Christmas spirit with our little angel. 

For now so much love and Christmas cheer! 

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jodi said...

merry christmas sweetie - especially to your little womb child x