Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another World

Just another adventure our little womb child has experienced.
I am so thankful for where my work in anthropology has taken me and now I am even more lucky to share it with our beautiful little womb child. Recently spent a week up in the very very remote community on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Australia. 

And an adventure wouldn't be complete without some treasure.
I was so lucky to find an iconic headdress which is used in traditional ceremonial dance hiding away at the art centre.

It is this headdress that makes Mornington Island dancers stand out from the crowd and I have spent many years admiring the cultural aesthetics of their traditional dance dress. Made from human hair that is spun into rope, ochre and emu feathers.... 

This amazing artifact sits proudly in our living room and I eagerly await the day where I can tell my little baby about the journey we shared together.



Meagan @ecoMILF said...

What an amazing experience for you and a wonderful story and piece of history you can pass on to your child. Thanks for sharing the pics. xo m.

Julie said...

Great buy Tara! We have one from 1982...a little the worse for wear. It has been taken to schools for culture lessons and is a wonderful reminder of our year teaching on Mornington. I cried for hours when we flew off and we still periodically see some of the people when they come to Cairns. I am trying to make some seasonal decoration for my little shop so I appreciate your Fair trade buys!xxooJulie

Umatji said...

What a great trip and treasure!
I have many beautiful things from my time in the central desert = must admit my fav is a basket that I bought by feel in the pitch dark! and then bargained the seller up! It is beautiful just as I knew it would be!