Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well, after 2 months of moving back into civilization and setting up our home, I'm about to start on a new working journey.
Tomorrow I'm off to the wonderfully remote Mornington Island to work in the Aboriginal community of Gununa for a week.

Not only am I delighted to be exploring one of the remotest islands in the Gulf but I just can't wait to see what treasure I can find at the Woomera Arts & Cultural Centre. 

What a wonderful way to embark on my journey back into the workforce until my little womb child arrives. How I love being an anthropologist!

Image by Daytrips


ecoMILF Meagan said...

Just came across your pretty space through jodi at che and fidel. Love your "my place and yours" entry. Good luck tomorrow. Soar! xo Meagan.

Julie said...

Lucky you. Wish I was going back to Mornington. If you meet Eleanor Roughsey, mention Ian Kuch and Julie Haysom. Also I'll try to get a few more names. Kingston Jingles, Sylvan Shorty Jane and Gail Dugong (We were teaching there in 1982)Karl Roughsey. Darryl Williams.
Have fun!