Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Place and Yours ~ Blog HQ

Being in the midst of creating our new nest we haven't really had the time to create a little desk/creative space. 
If fact come to think of it, my mac has always been a bit of a nomad and has never really had a home, as it was born into a life of traveling through the wilderness of Cape York. I think it prefers this, shifting from one comfy creative spot to another... 

Our favorite comfy creative spots for the moment are....

On our comfy little couch looking out to the big trees in our front yard and listening to all the beautiful bird calls.

Or on one of our Thai floor mattresses out on the deck amongst the tropical gingers, candles, bali umbrellas, and hindu statues.

Our little Todd dog loves it when we blog out on the deck as it gives him an opportunity to snuggle up on the comfy cushions as well. 

While my my blogger HQ is a little nomadic, it does always comprise of a few vital ingredients ~ lots of comfy cushions, my mac, my two little doggies, my camera, and a whole lot of inspiration. 

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Ann said...

What wonderful places to sit down and blog from! Beautiful scenery you have to inspire you too. It all looks very peaceful.

Pip Lincolne said...

Oh my gosh! Look at your little tropical blogging paradise!!! Are there mojitos?! It looks fantastic - thank you so much for showing it off! x