Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Place and Yours ~ Bedside

In our newly appointed tropical bedroom, inspired by Bali and packed with buddha heads, crystals and art from Lockhart River
lays my little bedside table...

Now on my bedside table are all things dear to me that I love to gaze at when I'm resting and waking up...

There is ~ a favorite wedding photo, a vintage Italian vase filled with fresh orchids from the markets, a wooden plate full of my favorite crystals that we have collected over the years and each representing a special moment in time, a citron candle holder that gives a beautiful ambient glow at night, a large terminator crystal directing healing energy into our bed, a gentle birthing pregnancy guide (my pregnancy bible), and finally the very special moleskin journal that I started as soon as I fell pregnant ~ it's full of mandalas I've drawn, stories of Lockhart and our adventures, inspiring art, and my thoughts on becoming a mother.... one day when my baby becomes a parent I will pass this journal on. 

Phew! I never really noticed how much all these little things mean to me, maybe that's why I keep them so close to me on this precious bedside table.

Thanks to Pip at Meet Me @ Mikes who started this wonderful exploration, and Lexi at Potty Mouth Mama for suggesting this particular exploration of all things beside.


Pip Lincolne said...

Oh what a lovely room! So airy and light and calm!!! Golly, when I had my babies I could not get enough of those pregnancy books! I just read and read like some sort of demon earning her Masters in Maternity! I think it's good to feel informed, I guess! The flowers are very lovely too, methinks! Have an ace day! xx

marian said...

oohhh it's lovely and ssoo romantic..that vase reminds me of 'dream of jeannie's bottle'