Sunday, October 4, 2009


Slowly the boxes are starting to disappear and our new little nest is beginning to take form. It's a long process which often tests my patience but step by step we are getting there and I'm just loving the results. 

Here are a few of the little things I'm loving about our new home ~ 

1) Finding treasure as we clean up the house, such as this original house number hiding at the bottom of the garden.

2) Outdoor living - this rattan lounge suite we stumbled across in our local second hand shop. I dyed the cushion covers to update the canary yellow to more earthly tones and ta-da it's brand new! 

3) Fresh tropical flowers from the weekly market run and sunlight glittering through the old stained glass windows.

4) Bringing a little 'world' into our living room with artifacts and art from around the globe. Touches from Japan, Korea, Bali & of course Aboriginal Australia (with an abundance of Lockhart art scattered throughout the house). 

Slowly slowly this little nest is becoming our new home. 
For now I hear more boxes calling to be unpacked....
Love & light x

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