Monday, September 14, 2009

Smoky Sunday

Our Sunday was simple...
We continued to pack up our house. 
Destination = civilization in less than 10 days, lots of mixed emotions floating around as we hold such a strong connection with this sacred country and it's traditional owners after 3 years of remote living. 

In between packing we fought fires that surrounded our house - they came pretty close to our fence. It's traditional burning season at the moment - the community is one big smoke haze making it rather difficult to breathe. 

We also had lots of little visitors who came over to simply sit in our vegie garden and taste test all our produce. Seems our edible garden is the talk of the town among the little kids. 
Needless to say we don't have much left - the cherry tomatoes seemed to be the favorite! 

 It's little moments like these that I will miss...

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Katy said...

Oh Looks like a beautiful Sunday - I bet you will miss it - I moved from the city to the outback and back again over the last ten years ( I taught SOTA ) and it will always be a big part of me - beautiful photos x