Monday, September 21, 2009


Creating the perfect nest can be hard work, especially when you have a clear vision of what the end result should look like.
After endless searches for artwork to hang on our baby's room wall I have stumbled along the amazing Mara & Nicholas Girling at 
So delighted with their creativity - 
here are the prints we chose.... 

So after resigning from my job - I'm delighted to be channeling all my energy into pregnancy and creating the perfect nest for our little family. We will hit civilization on Saturday after a 12 four wheel drive.... and then a whole another adventure will begin.

Luv & light xox

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Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Oh honey, I'm just so delighted and excited for you. So sorry I have been missing in action the last few weeks, have been totally flat out with work. Am hoping to pop up and see you and your beautiful little house in the Christmas holidays! Very exciting indeed. Much much love. Thinking of you everyday! xxxx