Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturdays in the Sand

With family visiting from as far as Melbourne we set off for a camping adventure to Old Site where the original mission was established many years ago along the sweeping coastline. 

It was a two hour 4wd adventure but before we could enjoy our Saturday in the sand we had to get ourself out of a sticky situation that I got us into... (photos just don't do it justice)

Once we arrived it was just bliss to spend the day beach combing for unexpected treasures ~ truly an untouched paradise that we are so very lucky to be connected to. This piece of paradise is safely guarded by the local traditional owners. 
Here are a few moments that catch the essence of the country and our adventure...

The brothers.

The view.

The treasure.

The sand.

The mighty Cape York coastline.

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend filled with sunshine, sand and family time. 
Love & light xoxox

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