Monday, June 22, 2009

To Plant by the Moon....

It's that time of year again in tropical far north Qld.... perfect weather to start the annual vegetable garden! 
Last weekend Caleb & I prepared the soil in the vegie beds and today we sowed most of the seeds.

Each year our vegetable patch is planted in accordance to the Moon... to ensure best quality produce and a full crop.
We use natural fertilizers that we collect around the community from the horses... to make sure our little garden is 100% organic. 

Today was the perfect moon to plant above ground crops, we are looking forward to freshly picked snow peas, silverbeet, baby spinach, rocket, carrots, tomatoes, corn, cucumber, capsicum & pumpkin. 

Vegetable gardens are so rewarding... especially when we live so remotely and good quality, organic fresh produce basically doesn't exist!
There's nothing I love more than watching seedlings sprout and flourish!

Happy gardening! 

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