Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Long Wait...

In this Cape York community one doctor visits for 2 days a week - 
There are approximately 800 local people here, majority with serious health problems.

The doctors themselves are lovely and try their best to help each individual and their family, however it saddens me to see the waiting line spill out the door on a weekly basis...
Yesterday I waited over 2 hours to see the doctor, from my other experiences this is the average wait when the doctor is in town. 

People in these remote communities, especially the nurses who live in the community and local health staff do everything in their power to deliver the best quality health care, however they do this with absolutely no support from the outside world or the government. 
They are truly inspirational.

I suppose those Government officials who are running Australia have never visited a remote indigenous health clinic on the day the doctor is in & just couldn't imagine what people in remote communities have to go through just to see a doctor.

What ever happened to the Australian Government trying to 
Check out the above link for a short film on the reality of this common situation.

My lockhart nanna... with one of her 70 odd great grandchildren.

So much for trying to keep the world's oldest living culture stay healthy and alive...

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