Friday, April 3, 2009

Breathing it all in...

Well the Cape York sky is clear and blue...
My senses are on overload mode at the moment.
Here are a few of my favorite hidden aesthetics for today ~ 

Breakfast in the Autumn morning sun ~ I'm loving 
Organic oats with home grown banana sprinkled with cinnamon & organic honey.

The aroma of fresh homemade multigrain bread that floats
 around the house.

Gazing out the bedroom window at the morning 
sunlight beaming upon the giant wattle tree.

The ripening papayas in our garden that I'm looking forward to indulging in with a squeeze of fresh lime...

Fresh lemongrass straight from my garden infused with boiling water to make a tonic that the Balinese believes help to relieve tummy pain (as the doctors think I may have an inflamed appendix).

How I love Saturdays... everyday should be Saturday! 
Tonight I'm off to a community concert to hear some new songs the local band has written, I'm looking forward to getting out of the house and having some much inspired community time.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday! 
Look forward to sharing more adventures tomorrow 

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