Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Adventures...

I can't remember the last time Caleb & I spent a weekend in the wilderness by ourselves... 
So this weekend we thought we would try out our new car and tent to see how the new set up would hold up during the dry season, when camping is a weekly outing. 

Our little camping site at Chilie Beach - 
The new tent is a little flash and attaches to the back of our car for easy access to the tray and is ideal when our little dogs tag along, so they can sleep in the tray.

There is nothing better than simple living, here my beautiful husband is collecting some smaller bits of fire wood so I can start dinner.

There is something so entrancing about a fire, I love the smell of the different timbers burning and zoning into the flames which have a spellbound effect on me. After dinner it is ritual for the billy to be put straight on the fire, for cups of tea and a nice hot shower.

After drifting asleep to the waves of the ocean crashing, it's time to rise and make the most of the beautiful day by the sea.
The day starts by making a true camping speciality - damper.

Possibly the best ever camping invention I believe is the camp oven, the best way to cook a perfect damper, & all other meals to be had under the stars.

After enjoying some hot damper with golden syrup and a nice brew of tea, it's time to set off and explore the wonderland which our camp looks out to.

There is nothing better than crystal clear ocean, bluest of blue skies, palm trees, & sea breeze than sharing the tropical wilderness with the one you love...

What a beautiful weekend! To top it off, on the way home we spotted a cheeky frill neck lizard, sunbaking himself on a tree...

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend filled with adventure and finds a way to appreciate the beauty of the wilderness that surrounds you. 
For now, so much love & light xox

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