Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend Wonderlands...

This weekend has been pretty wet, if only we could send some of this rain down to those poor people in Victoria,
suffering from the bush fires.

While the rain eased off we headed out to the rainforest and after a short walk in the forest we were at the amazing waterfall, which is roaring after all the rain!

Everything was so misty and green,
it was lovely even if it was raining!

To get to the waterfall we had to cross 4 creeks, which were all pretty high compared to what they are normally.
Here's a glimpse of one of the creeks we had to cross...

Now to leave you with a few little photos I took while we were walking through the rainforest to the waterfall. The inspiration for these photos was the colour red...

Some colourful seeds on a native palm.

A red little mushroom hiding in the undergrowth.

A single red berry with a droplet of rain.

This week I hope to find some inspiration in the community... who knows what colour I will come up with!
Much love to everyone battling the floods in North Queensland &
the fires in Victoria!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Love & light xox


Sophie Appleby said...

What amazing photos honey! Benny wants to see photos of the croc next! What an incredible waterfall, glad to see you are surviving the rain ok. My fav photo is the berry, just stunning, you totally need to start selling your photos, just beautiful.
Much love Soph xxxxx

Julie said...

Nice waterfalls. Don't you just love the Northern wilderness! So raw, full of teaming life and exhilarating. Your little palm tree is a walking stick palm. It grows only a few metres in height and due to its strength and straightness was used guessed it...a walking stick! There's a northern and southern version. We used to have quite a few down in the Lamington area in SE Qld. Also, the seeds are edible and sweet.xx