Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Little Inspiration...

I've been doing a spot of research for our next overseas exploration, Caleb & I are thinking we might drive up to the tip of Australia, do a little island hopping through the Torres Strait, taking the time to relax at the 5 start resort on Poruma Island and maybe jump across to PNG while we are up there.

A glimpse of the beach villas at Poruma Island.

A long dream of mine has been to visit remote PNG villages in search of the perfect portrait photograph. So while I was doing some research on the Huli Tribe of PNG, I stumbled across the all inspiring National Geographic site which gave me a little inspiration for my next series of photos in the development of my portfolio.

National Geographic have compiled an amazing series called 
Life in Colour, which is just truly amazing! 
Since I was researching the Huli, I was instantly inspired by the Life in the Colour Yellow series, here are some of my favorites.

Aren't they just amazing?! I think I will aim to capture one colour  a week and call the series 'The Colour of the Cape'.
I just love new inspiration and especially new projects!
Speaking of new projects I have also been incredibly inspired by the latest publication of Caleb's family friend & amazing photographer John Ogden who has compiled a pictorial anthology of Indigenous Australia from 1847 to 2008. I'm just so excited about it's launch and can't wait to receive our copy through the post!

Hopefully someday I will have my turn in compiling something equally amazing to Portraits From A Land Without People. 

While we live in Cape York I am beginning to realize I should make the most of this opportunity, as there are still so little contemporary publications on Cape York culture.

Hope your all having an inspiring, relaxing weekend.
I'm trying to get myself into work mode for tomorrow...
Much love & light xox

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Julie said...

Great plans! Well what do you know. That is a photo of Gladys Tybangumpa (don't know if that is the right spelling) from Aurukun. She is quite an unforgettable personality.I like the idea of the coloured theme.