Sunday, February 15, 2009

I heart Sundays...

As my dear friend Sophie would say... I totally heart Sundays.
You can see her I heart.... badge collection at her beautiful blog.
Today was incredibly hot, so we spent the morning in the air conditioning and then headed out to have an afternoon in the garden at our soon to be cottage at the ranger base. 
Let me show you around...

One of our little back gardens... this one is completely edible.
It has a curry leaf tree, taro, passionfruit, edible pandanus (to make green Bali crepes), and a big bush of basil.

A giant Golden Orb spider who lives in our garage!
Note to self: Don't walk into the garage at night with no lights on!

View of the cottage from the front, it's undergoing some serious renovations at the moment!

We will have an endless supply of bananas! Lots of banana bread, cake & muffins!

This is a beautiful fig tree that shades the original school house which has now been transformed into a gorgeous bbq & entertaining area. Our house is in the background. We are looking forward to many good memories here. 

This a beautiful ancient tree that is about 10 minutes away from the ranger base... we just had to have a family photo with it before my little sister went back home.

On our way back from the big tree... I caught a glimpse of a ball of fur in a small tree on the side of the road.
After screaming "cuscus, cuscus" Caleb reversed a little and there he was...a baby cuscus trying to find shelter from the rain.
He's SO beautiful and didn't take his eyes off me... curious little thing. They are endemic to the Iron Range are pretty rare to spot, so this just made my weekend!
I think I'm in love!

Well, what a lovely day, well wroth escaping our air conditioned refuge to work on the gardens, snap some photos and fall in love...

Love & Light xox 

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