Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dreaming of Ubud...

Friday night I just jumped past the Jestar website and found some incredible specials to Bali...
My girlfriends & I have been speaking of doing a 'girls' trip for quite sometime, so I thought cheap tickets were the perfect excuse to go ahead and just book them! Only catch is that you had to travel in May. Unfortunately Kristy Lea is tied up with the possibility of buying a house, as well as carrying around a 
4 month old baby in her tummy.
So Hannah & I went ahead and treated ourselves to 5 days in my favorite village of Ubud! We are looking forward to 5 days of pampering, relaxing by the pool and doing a spot of shopping for some clothes and silver.

I'm so excited about heading back over there. There is so much I adore about Bali, especially central Bali. Caleb & I would love to live over there sometime during our life journey. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from last visit in September.
 I can't wait to capture a few more special moments. 

The women are SO beautiful... these ladies are in their temple clothes and are making offerings.

These are some of the offerings that can be found everywhere, in the middle of the street, out the front of every building and in the temples.

The culture is so strong and so incredibly inspiring...

Booking this trip is such a relief. I needed something to look forward to and inspire towards, as work has been so stressful.
I long to return... every night I dream of Bali.

Much love & light xox

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