Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Passing the Time...

In our spare moments Caleb & I have gotten quite addicted to challenging each other to a game of scrabble. Our scrabble addiction inspired me to hunt down a vintage board. Since I can only dream about wondering around antique shops on the weekend I turned to the trusty internet and I was lucky enough to score one off ebay for a pretty reasonable price considering it was made in 1950! 

Our new scrabble board takes pride on our coffee table and I just had to share a little photo of it! 

While I was online I took the opportunity to extend my collection of indian inspired lanterns. I'm gathering quite a nice collection and look forward to hanging them off my new balcony at the ranger base. This weekend we plan to start cleaning up the house and building a fence for the dogs, so if everything goes according to plan we will be fully moved in by the end of next month.

Well the most painful day of the week is over. I'm not a big fan of wednesdays but I survived... work is a little crazy at the moment. 
I think I am in desperate need of time out of the community, I haven't had a break since our wedding! I'm looking forward to tomorrow it's the last full 8am-5pm day + community movie night for the week, plus the mail is flown in! I adore fridays because we finish at 3pm (if I'm lucky)!

Hope everyone survived their wednesday, loads of love xox


Sophie Appleby said...

Oh yay you got an vintage scrabble board! Fabulous find honey, it's so beautiful! I think I totally need one too! Hope you are having a lovely week. Why do we both live in places with crazy heat? Your brooches should be there very soon

Julie said...

Beautiful lanterns! I'll have to try ebay but I'm a bit frightened! I love the wooden pieces in old squabble boards. I might dig out our (newer) board for a game too! Yes. It can be a bit intense living in isolated communities. Take care to get time out if you really need it...for your mental and social health.