Friday, January 9, 2009

My Place...

Seems I can't share the outside world with you due to the rain and cyclone lurking off the coast, 
I thought I would share some of my favorite 
possessions around our house. 

Much of our belongings are inspired from cultures around the world...

My bedside table - Photo of Caleb's graduation, the journal Caleb proposed to me in, tibetan prayer beads, Lockhart River beads, lavender oil, and a beautifully unique man & wife carving that our friends gave us from Africa for a wedding present.

I treasure this piece that I was given for my birthday 
from my dear friend Jesse who's mum is a talented artist - 
Julie can be found at her delightful space thingamejigs.

Artifacts collected from Cape York & Arnhem Land...

Perhaps my most favorite painting out of Lockhart River is by a talented 13 year old Jacinta Elu. I was the winning bid at the school's art auction.

Two of my most cherished photos. 
One from my dad's parent's wedding, with my mum's parents 
next to them. The other from our wedding.

 A very impressive wedding gift from local artist Silas Hobson.

The start of my moroccan lantern collection.

Our Evelyn Sandy Lotus piece from Lockhart River Art Center.

I look forward to sharing more of my collections of tea sets, 
tea flavors and books. 

For now have a delightful weekend. 


Julie said...

Talk about chuffed when I saw my waterlily painting. Thanks for the ad! I really love your selection of arts and objects. Particularly like the blue waterlilies. We have a little mimi figure like yours. He's a friendly little character Ian brought back from Alice Springs. Gearing up for the cyclone? It's very calm here...not a good sign, I think. Great to see the drumming workshops up there. Kids beat 22 gallon flour drums with great enthusiasm and I painted 1 genre and always meant to paint a few more scenes. Maybe this reference has inspired me!!!

Tara Lucia Zaicz said...

Out of all my painting collecting your waterlilly seemed to follow with me everywhere, it's had an exciting life and been on a few different walls.
Our mimi is from Oenpelli, he sits there smiling all the time! I still want to hunt down some of those pottery eggs you have from the artist on the western cape, they are beautiful.
Yes, drum workshop was wonderful, had a blast! Great to hear it's inspired you, looking forward to seeing the outcome. Willy Clarke said he saw you briefly, small world! Calm here too compared to yesterday, very quiet no birds/animals around....not good. See how it pans out.