Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sunshine & a Joshua Tree....

This weekend the sun was shining brightly so my husband & I thought we would get stuck into cleaning up our house before the big rain set in. We moved the rest of our belongings up stairs into our new house. We now occupy a 3 brd queenslander which has a granny flat down stairs (where we lived for two years), so now we have lots of room for visitors, Caleb even set up a pool we like to call the Pacific Ocean because it is so much bigger than we expected. So in between shifting living areas and sipping fresh mango smoothies (all the mango trees are fruiting at the moment) we took the chance to finish wrapping presents and strolling through the bush out the back of our house hoping to find some inspiration for our Joshua Tree.

I wrapped all our presents in recycled tissue paper.

I put some crystal flowers amongst the dried lotus pods in 
our usual table centre to get into the Christmas spirit.

Caleb & I left our beautiful potted pine tree that we usually decorate as a Christmas tree in Cairns so this year we opted for a simple Joshua style tree. Over the weeks leading to Christmas we are going to decorate it with fabric collage leaves that will symbolize our visions for the coming year. We took a short walk down the bush track in search for our Joshua tree and along the way stumbled across some little summer surprises...

We are going to use these gum leaves 
as a pattern for our Joshua Tree.

The iconic Cape York Lilly starting 
to bloom after the bushfires.

A clean green forest floor, awaiting the wet season.

Yet another Cape York Lilly - divine!

Growth after the fires...

Caleb & the beginning of our tree...

Slowly our tree started coming to life...
 and of course it will continue to bloom until Christmas day.

A wise owl hanging on our tree...

A cheeky porcelain Christmas fairy.

Finally, during my weekend in Cairns on my way down to Sydney I plucked up enough courage to get my nose pierced. 
It's a tiny little white gold/diamond. 

Hope everyone had a lovely sun-drenched weekend.
Love & Light always xox


Julie said...

I love the idea of the Joshua tree. I'm trying to sew a lot for Christmas and I want to do gazillions of other stuff....hhhmmmmmm...I wonder if that's going to happen?? My latest illustrating job is a trad bi-lingual story for Aurukun children and I'm LOVING doing it.

Sophie Appleby said...

Oh honey its all so lovely! Can't wait to see more photos of the house! Your little stud looks gorgeous, totally suits you. Much love, will write to you as soon as the madness of school is over. xxx