Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rain, Mud & the Long Road to the Supermarket....

Caleb & I are relaxing after a long intense drive to Weipa (250 odd Km from Lockhart). We thought this would be the last weekend that the road out of Lockhart would be open, so we were determined to get some fresh fruit and veg, dinner ingredients, furry animal supplies and house supplies (also keeping in mind that we may be in for a Cyclone in a few months - so we made sure we got double).

The end of the Lockhart River turn off before turning onto
 the Peninsula Development Road - the main road of Cape York.
Kaanju Ngaachi - Meaning 'this place, land, belonging to the Kaanju People'.

We left Friday at 11am and arrived in Weipa around 4pm, spent 45 minutes shopping for much needed supplies for the wet season, grabbed some much missed take-away and started to 
head back to Lockhart around 5pm. 

There was so much rain the roads have become permanent mud pits. The headlights were covered with mud and we couldn't see where we were going so we thought it best that we pull into Merluna Station 50km out of Weipa, to spend the night. We were delighted with the beautiful Station and glad they could offer us a comfy cottage for the night.

Morning light @ Merluna Station.

Here are some photos of the journey from Lockhart to Weipa. It's a shame that our government spends so much useless money when there are so many people in Australia living in remote Aboriginal communities and are denied the right to basic services because of the location the past Governments have forced them to live. 

The new Lockhart River Anglican Mission was established at the current site in 1970. Some of the elders believe they were sent here from the Old Mission in attempt to move further away from the beach and their homelands to prevent cultural practices. Others say it was to give the Mission greater access to basic services.

For the next 5 months we will have no contact 
with outside communities.
Here's a glimpse of what access to Lockhart is like at the start of the wet....

One of the many river crossings...

The tyres were so full with mud that gripping the 
road was near impossible.

The last bit of mud before entering Lockhart.

Despite the intense drive, Caleb and I had a lovely few days together, going a little nuts with the variety Woolwroths has to offer, making the most of the miserable rain and discovering the cottages outside Weipa. It's nice to have a full fridge of healthy fresh food!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend,now we are all stocked up we are looking forward to having some time off over Christmas, relaxing and listening to the rain. 
Next time you run out of bread or milk, keep in mind how far the shops are for many Australians living in remote areas.

Love & Light xox


Julie said...

I love the wet season on the vibrant, full of life and raw adventure. Being isolated gives appreciation for many things we take for granted and makes one realise all the things one does not really need in order to be happy. Looking at your blog is a real nostalgia trip for me!

Tara Lucia Zaicz said...

You summed up why we love it up here! I feel in a way it kind of forces you to live, to never waste and to be thankful for everything!