Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Delights...

Well, it was back to work today after 10 lovely relaxing days out of the office. Over the last 10 days we have had beautiful blue skies, intense storms, very close lightening and thunder and an abundance of heat! The mix of weather called for a mix of activities to fill up holiday time. I delighted in the sunshine by starting the gardens at the ranger base, where we will be moving into shortly. I indulged in sleeping in, baking treats, drinking some of my favorite Lotus Chai (that is made with love by my dear friend Kristy Lea @ Floating Lotus)and watching the storms roll in.  It was the first holiday Caleb & I have ever had where we stayed at home and enjoyed each other's company. Just divine!

Mini Quiches + Lotus Chai = Brunch. 

While Caleb slept in I made some mini quiches for us to delight in for brunch. 
They are so easy to make and turn out different every time.
1. Line a muffin tin with puff pastry.
2. Combine fresh free range eggs from Port Land Roads, green peppers, sundried tomatoes, garlic, fresh parley, basil & a bit of left over Christmas ham.
3. Bake until they look ready! Wola!

My beautiful sister Stef got Caleb & I a travel scrabble for Christmas for when we go exploring the wilderness. We had much delight in challenging each other to a few games. It's inspired me to hunt down a vintage scrabble board to sit permanently on our coffee table! 

I also had the hard task of deciding which book 
to start reading next. 
I'm deciding between Brida a story of a girl searching for enlightenment and the true beauty behind life and an amazing book I received for my birthday from my beautiful friend Sophie
recounting Roland Penrose's conversations and visits with magnificent Picasso. 

With all these storms around and being confined to the house for the next few months I think I might have to start reading both!

The long rainy days have also inspired me to get creative in the kitchen with my new tagine or tajine which was another wonderful gift from my gorgeous sister. I cooked up a storm for New Year's, we had a lovely quiet night on the balcony listening to the rain and indulging in fine food. 

My beautiful Mother-in-law Annie shared a great recipe she saw on SBS Food Safari for a Moroccan chicken, lemon & olive tagine. 
It's so easy and wroth a try for it incredible aroma and delicious flavors! I have cooked it a few times now, it's a real treat and the closest we can get to a Moroccan restaurant. 
Here's a glimpse of the finished product... I served it with some couscous and roasted Moroccan vegetables. I'm looking forward to trying out some lentil dishes and some North African recipes.

I hope you had a lovely New Years with the ones you love. 
Most of all I hope 2009 brings you many memories to cherish and loads of new adventures and personal triumphs.

All my love, light & best wishes for the New Year xox

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Sophie Appleby said...

Oh honey, lovely lovely blog! I feel like I'm there with you! The vintage scrabble board might be one of your best ideas ever! That's it, I'm on the hunt! Much love xx