Friday, December 26, 2008

A Cape York Christmas.....

This is our second Christmas in Cape York. 
Christmas in Cape York is filled with colour and extremity - 
one minute it is steaming hot and the next it is pouring rain.
We had a delightful Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day.

This year we were lucky enough to even get a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve, who delivered Christmas presents to all the children in the community (It took me three days to wrap all the presents).
Only in Lockhart would Santa ditch his sleigh to stand on the troopie bonnet and give presents out to over excited kids!

We drove Santa down every street in the community and had lots of goodies for all the kids. It gave me a real buzz seeing how excited some of the little kids were to see Santa. It started to actually feel like Christmas in the community.

Christmas day began a with phone calls to family, Caleb's famous pancake breakfast, and the opening of lots of beautiful presents.
Christmas presents from our family floated in through the post and mounted up under our tree. All our presents were beautifully wrapped and looked lovely under our Joshua Tree. 
We then took the 'old girls' to the church for Christmas morning mass. It was nice to have the time to reflect and sit with them on Christmas morning.

Some of my lovely presents include - a Pandora bracelet & charms, a terracotta tagine, a digital photo frame & key ring, lots of accessories for our new car, a year's subscription to Yoga Australia, Santos Wish bracelets, vintage sleepwear, and a world culture book.

We headed off to Chili Beach to have lunch with a few people from Lockhart & Portland Roads. I probably overindulged in pina colada and fresh mango daiquiris and spent a little too long in the sun, but overall it was a delightful day.

The Christmas feast.

Caleb heading down to play beach cricket.

Christmas for us has been very relaxed, we enjoyed the sunshine and cocktails on Chili Beach, headed to Portland Roads to catch up with friends at night and slept in on Boxing Day listening to the rain that has seemed to settle in.

For the next few days we intend to relax a little more and then start work on the gardens at the Ranger house. 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas shared with friends and family, and all found a way to delight in Christmas festivities and tropical weather. 

For now much love, light and Lockhart Christmas Greetings

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Julie said...

Happy Christmas and all the best for the new year. We've just got back from a totally leisurely few days at Palm Cove doing nothing but eat, sleep, read, swim and walk along the beach.....lovely.