Friday, November 28, 2008

Snapshot of Sydney

I travelled down to Sydney this week for the Australian Professional Society for Drugs & Alcohol Conference. The conference was held in the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre which is situated overlooking the calm water at Darling Harbor.

It was incredibly cold down there compared to Lockhart River and of course I wasn't thinking about packing socks when I was melting in the Cape York heat before I left. 

Despite being pleasantly cool in Sydney in between conference sessions I had the chance to explore the Sydney city streets, shop at the Queen Victoria building, and eat lots of sushi. 
There was an amazing Christmas Tree that stood in the middle of the Queen Victoria building and was over 5 stories high and decorated with 15,000 swazaski crystals, it was so beautiful.

I admired the gothic cathedrals that were 
shaded by the wise old oak trees.
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The blossoming jacaranda trees that lined the cityscape gave me the perfect excuse to take a few snapshots of the hidden aesthetics that spilt out onto the Sydney streets.

Jacaranda blossoms.

Cityscape & Jacaranda Blossoms.

For now love & light xox

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Sophie Appleby said...

How beautiful! We should totally arrange to have a weekend together in Sydney or Melbourne next year! What fun! Love that shot of the Cathedral. xx