Sunday, September 7, 2008

Moments to Remeber...

This month has only just started and has already bought many occasions wroth celebrating. All the good luck started on a lovely tropical Saturday when I found my very first glass buoy which would have been made on board a Japanese fishing boat out of old Sake bottles quite some time ago. It's only small and very clear which makes it very special.

A joint party was organized at Portland Roads to celebrate our dear friends Ricky John & Kristy Lee's engagement, another friend's 60th Birthday, as well as our fast approaching wedding. We don't often get a chance to have a big party with everyone from the community, so this rarity was a great chance to kick back, relax and celebrate for very good reasons.
Here is a photo of my favorite Lockhart girls, whom I couldn't survive without.

Kristy Lee, Me & Hannah

The third reason to celebrate was the 5th Youth Leadership Workshop which 12 of the communities most determined youth
completed a week ago.
I have been running youth leadership workshops for over a year now and have had such an enthusiastic response from the youth. Youth Leadership workshops creatively challenge the youth to actively become leaders in their community.
It also helps youth to discover their cultural identity, heighten their self esteem and learn creative methods to demonstrate leadership in their personal lives and communities.
I get such a buzz out of watching the youth participate in these workshops, it was so inspiring to see young people in difficult situations taking the time to think about their future.

Final reason for celebrations was my success in winning a Smart Women's QLD Award for my work with the Community Development Team - Women Empowering Indigenous Communities!
It came as a shock that I was nominated and to win the award was completely unexpected.
It was a beautiful night in Brisbane at the Cultural Center in the State Library, we were wined and dined and I started to get a little impatient because my feet were not used to heals.
It was wonderful to meet the Premier and to be surrounded by beautiful, bold, determined women who are running the country.
Winning the award has given me a mountain of determination and the realization that great things can be achieved in such a short time. Thinking about what I've achieved in the last few years makes me very ambitious for the future.
Unfortunately my camera's batteries went flat on the night and I am waiting for someone to email me photos.

Caleb & I are have good reason to be in celebrating mode because there are only 19 days until our wedding!
It's all happening...much love xox

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