Monday, September 15, 2008

Lockhart River Wedding Celebrations...

After many requests from the local 'old girls' and kids from the community, we decided to have a little Lockhart River wedding celebration down on Quintell Beach. We had no expectations for the day, as it's pretty hard to make anything go to plan up here...however the day turned out to be absolutely blissful despite the 30 knot winds!

The food table filled up quite quickly as Caleb & I welcomed guests, there was everything from bbq meat to turtle eggs.
I was driven to Caleb along the beach in the Police car (which nearly got bogged). Old Man Leffy gave me away to Caleb - which I may add was completely unplanned.

The local priest brought along his guitar and led everyone in traditional islander songs which brought tears to our eyes...the sound of their singing seems to go straight through you.

The local spiritual leader led a short ceremony, where we exchanged rings that Caleb had made out of red cedar.
The ceremony ended with more singing, lots of hugs and tears, as well as a few beautiful presents from the elders.
It was so incredibly special.

Before our feast for lunch, we joined the kids in a shake-a-leg.
Caleb had an absolute ball in his juggee (grass skirt).

After we had packed up we escaped with a few of our very dear friends to Chilli Beach to camp under the full moon and watch starlings from PNG nest on a small island close to the was such a beautiful weekend spent with our
Lockhart family & friends.

One down, one to go...we leave the community this Friday for the long drive to Cairns, only 11 more days xox

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